“ Increase your competitive edge using 
YPV Distribution to meet all of your packaging demands ”

Global Resources

Backed by over 30 years of Leadership experience, YPV has dedicated a vast majority of its time establishing strong manufacture alliances. Throughout the years, we have established lifelong relationships not only with our loyal customers but with valued manufactures both locally and internationally. By establishing these relationships, we can offer our customers a wide array of high quality packaging products. Whatever your packaging requirements, we have the resources. We can meet the simplest to most complex packaging projects, while meeting our customers tight deadlines.

Packaging & Technical Expertise

Here at YPV Distribution, we pride ourselves on our world-renowned packaging and technical expertise. We continue to develop our product line to meet our customer’s needs and the ever-changing packaging industry.

Partnerships with customers are key to the YPV’s success. We maintain a close contact with customers to develop the right packaging solution by offering expertise that can help improve packaging, processes and, ultimately, customer profits.

Each customer, large or small, receives individual personalized care from a member of an assigned customer account team. Together, the customer account team works to ensure that all of customers' expectations are satisfied.

Beyond the customer account team, YPV customers have access to a wealth of expertise and applications focused on technical and engineering services. This includes application and packaging consultation, as well as testing and packaging trials on-site or in plant laboratories.


Our marketplace consists of two market sectors – food processing and supermarket- retail. Our team of experts focuses on these two markets and develops the best packaging solutions available to meet your demands.

Product Line

Our product line consists of rigid packaging, flexible packaging, paper packaging, janitorial products, and safety apparel. We believe by offering such a wide array of products, we can establish a one-stop service mentality for our customer base. By doing so, our customers are given the convenience of one vendor to meet their packaging needs.

Competitive Prices

We understand the importance of price. Throughout the years, we have developed strong price points for our customers. We are able to compete in today’s market due to our strong manufacture relationships. We promise to fight and get you the right price!

YPV will continuously strive to meet the challenges of providing competitively priced, quality packaging products and services to customers. Our company’s success is dependent upon the customer's success. YPV primary focus is, and shall remain, to gain customer confidence and loyalty. Quality is of utmost importance.